Week 2 – Clean Up and Start Planting

Today we started getting the garden into shape and planted some flowers.  I had decided my first question would be how to keep grass out of the garden without using a lot of edging or stone border as this would be less expensive and I’ve always liked the look of natural vs a lot of brick or stone or metal edging.  I didn’t have to ask that question because it was the first task that was given to us.  The method Rob uses in his border gardens is to dig a trench (gutter) along the border.  Dig down using a shovel to the end of the grass roots (@ 6 inches) and make it about 4-6 inches wide.  After you get it started with a shovel use your Hori Hori Knife or sharp trowel to make it nice and straight on both sides of the trench and to make sure you get all the grass and roots out.  Grass can’t grow sideways into air so it prevents the grass from crossing the trench.  Make sure you remove all the grass clumps and roots and spread the good soil throughout your garden.  Make sure you remove enough soil on the garden side of the trench so it won’t wash back into the trench the first watering or rain. 

My and Larry’s task was to take all the daffodils that were spent out of the Spring pots they were growing in, deadhead them and spread them throughout bare spots in the garden so next year they will bloom in the garden.  The Spring pots were planted with the daffodils left in the pots in which they were planted and placed in a larger pot with pansies placed around the daffodil pots  Everyone took pansies and added them to the garden for color that will last through Spring until around June when it gets hotter.  This will add color until the perennials bloom. 

A demonstration was given about “waffle” gardening.  For a veggie garden, make mounds around the space you’re planting for each different vegetable and when you’re finished it will look like a waffle.  This will keep the water over the plants and keep it from running off away from the plants.

Tools we used today were Hori Hori Knife or Trowel; shovel, gloves and kneeling pad.

After we finished gardening we all gathered on Rob’s patio and got to “Wake Up Colorado” on the Good Morning Colorado Show.

So far, so fun.  To see the 9News Proctor’s Garden segment from today’s gardening visit:


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1 Response to Week 2 – Clean Up and Start Planting

  1. Lina says:

    love the waffle garden idea…best way to keep the water where it’s supposed to be… And yes, the old English garden trench…a nice way to keep grass out of the garden. Everyone worries about their grass, but it is a pernicious weed..it creeps into everything.

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