Week 4 – Shade Garden Plants and Ground Covers

Today we were preempted so we did not meet at the garden.  Rob has an article for shade gardening on his web site for this week so I will direct you to his article.

In addition to the plants that Rob has mentioned in his article I will tell you what is in my shade garden.  I have some lilacs that are about 29 years old and a couple of years ago the portion in the middle died out so I had it cut out and in between my white and purple lilacs is a lovely space for a shade garden.  For groundcover I have Lamium and Sweet Woodruff.  Both are wonderful and intermingle with each other and may the best one win.  They creep under and amongst my lilacs for a really nice cover.  The Lamium has small white and purple blooms and the Sweet Woodruff has small white blooms that bloom continuously.  I want to add some Bugle Weed this year.  I saw it on Rob’s Sunday segment and I really like it and would make a good addition to my garden.  For larger perennials I have Bleeding Hearts (which are blooming right now), Brunera (which are blooming right now), Coral Bells, Columbine (which have re-seeded and are spreading), and some really cute flowers that are spreading like crazy that I can’t remember the name.  They might be balloon flowers.  Ok, I’ll check on that and let you know.  This is the third year for my shade garden and I’m excited to see how much things have spread and how much more I get this year.  Each year I take a look and see where I can put some annuals like violas and pansies to give it some extra color. 

Shade PlantCheck out Rob’s shade garden article at http://www.proctorsgarden.com/2012/04/in-garden-this-week-apr-14-21.html

So far, so fun.  Will see you next week!!

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