Week 6 – Water Saving Vegetable Gardens

Today we learned about two ways to vegetable garden and conserve and use water to our best advantage.  Denver has already imposed water restrictions as well as some of the surrounding suburbs so water saving tips right now are critical.

Waffle gardening was discussed in my week 2 blog.  Used for generations by Southwestern Native Americans this method is great for our semi-arid climate.  Make walls by mounding up soil around your garden (in squares approximately 2 X 2 feet or so) and plant in the bottom so when watering the water soaks in around the plants and doesn’t run off.  The walls trap the water so it doesn’t run off or take more water to saturate the ground.  This method also captures rain water and directs it to the plants as well.

If you don’t have enough space to plant in the ground using a plastic pot rather than clay will save water.  Plastic doesn’t get as hot as clay so the water doesn’t evaporate as quickly.  If you like the look of clay pots you can faux finish a plastic pot with earthy colors of latex, spray, and textured paint.  Dab or rub the paint on the pots with brushes or rags and it will look liked weather clay pots. 

Thyme can be planted around your waffle garden walls to help keep them in place.  Today my and Devora’s task was to trim the thyme around the border of the gardens.  We used garden scissors to cut the thyme.  This particular garden had brick surrounding it so we clipped the thyme that had grown over the brick along the inside of the brick on the garden side.  We also used a shuffle hoe to clean the dirt paths and rid them of plants that had grown outside the garden into the path.  I was introduced to the shuffle hoe today.  It has an open blade that you scrape across the ground that will clip off plants and not dig up the ground.

Here are a couple of pictures of the waffle garden from week 2 and week 6.  It has been 4 weeks since the waffle garden started growing and some of the plants are really getting big already.

John named the two goldfish in Rob’s pond.  He named one K.D. for Kyle Dyer and the other Shipwrecked Shapiro for Gary Shapiro, 9News Anchors.  We’re hoping Shipwrecked isn’t a premonition of the fishes future.

So far, so fun.  For this weeks video of Proctor’s Garden and water saving tips visit:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=266292


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  1. Patty, I thought I had signed up for these but haven’t been getting any…I need to backtrack to catch up…. : )

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