Week 7 – Stake your plants early to avoid breakage

This week was pretty short and sweet.  We talked about staking our tall plants before we notice the wind blowing them over and breaking them beyond repair.  I’m guilty about this with my Hollyhocks.  I notice they are bent over before I think about staking them.

Different plants need different types of stakes.  Tomatoes and peonies and other plants like a hoop or cage type support because of all the droopy type branches they have.  Tall straight plants like a stake such as a piece of 2×4 or stick type stake. 

There are plenty of things you can get at your local garden center but stakes and ties don’t need to be fancy.  Today we used a special foam type tubing with wire in it that is made for staking plants but anything like old cloth cut into strips, panty hose, string (if tied loosely and not too tight), or yarn work just fine.  Make sure it’s something soft that won’t damage or cut into your plant when the wind whips it around.  You can purchase bamboo or wooden stick stakes or you can use old wood or things you find around your yard or house.

When using the foam tubing, take a strip long enough to wrap around the stake and the plant.  starting at the center of the strip, wrap it around your stake and twist it a couple of times and then put it around your plant and twist a couple of times.  Easy and quick.  Just do it before you really need to and you’ll be ahead of the game.  Using other materials like yarn or panty hose or string tie it loosely around the plant and stake to ensure your plant stalk has room to grow and the material isn’t cutting into the plant.

So far, so fun!!  I’ll have pictures soon to add, but in the meantime to see a demonstration of how to stake, visit today’s Proctor’s Garden video and while you’re there take note of a special plant sale by F.R.O.G. where the proceeds go to charity:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=267433


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