Week 11 – How to deal with storm battered plants

Luckily the garden survived the tornado winds and 6 inches of hail that fell last night around Colorado.  It was a scary night around South Denver and eastern plains, then in the early morning up by the foothills.  Lots of sirens, lighting, thunder, rain and hail. 

Lots of plants were lost in the storm.  If you have annual containers and pots about the only thing to do is replant.  The plants may recover but it will be almost the end of the season by the time they recover and who wants to look at half dead plants the rest of the season.  Depending on the damage and amount of hail the plants sat in last night will determine if your veggies will make it.  Try some Age Old Kelp or other kelp product.  Kelp helps repair damaged plants.  Tomatoes might be ok but peas, beans, etc. might be past revival.  Perennials may be ok and come back if you trim them down.  They still have time to do something the rest of the season.

The garden tour is this Sunday for the Denver Dumb Friends League.  Suggested donation is $10 or if you stop by the Tagawa Garden Center, one of the sponsors, you can pick one up for $9.  The tour is 9:30am – 3:00pm. 

Today a couple of people deadheaded, John cleaned the bird bath, and Joseph cleaned the patio near the sunken garden.  It’s looking beautiful after the BIG rain last night.  Fortunately the tornado winds and 6 inches of hail missed his garden.  I was awestruck by the wonderful light this morning so couldn’t stop taking pictures.  Usually the light is pretty bad in the morning there but today was cloudy and perfect.

Here are some photos of the tour ready garden.



So far, so fun.  It was a beautiful morning to be in the garden.  My Mom and sister came today to check out what we do every Thursday morning.

For complete information about the tour visit Rob’s site: www.proctorsgarden.com

To watch today’s segment on storm damaged plants: http://www.9news.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=1677936604001

I’ll have a few books there of their garden.  To check out the book: http://www.blurb.com/books/3256938


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