Week 16 – Perfect Perennial Combos

Hurray, we actually had a camera truck today and a crew member and did a segment in the garden.

It’s still hot but we had a couple of cool days with some rain so the garden is looking great.  Today we set about doing some deadheading and cleaning up some of the plants that are going to seed or those that might have a repeat blooming.  Rob’s garden is planted with perennials that are nice combos together and that bloom around the same time.  Things are still blooming a little early because it’s been a warm season.

Julie was cleaning up the Lemon Lillies.  These are yellow day lillies that are very nice and have a lemon fragrance.

Heather was working on the combo of purple coneflower, blue lavender, and yellow yarrow.

Jennifer was cleaning up the Cow Parsnip which was the hit of the July 10th garden tour.  It has gone to seed but still looks magnificent and gives the garden interest.

Devora was cleaning up the Star of Persia.  This has gone to seed but it makes a wonderful dried flower for arrangements that will last for months.

John was working on the combo of day lillies, purple veronica, and purple coneflower.

Jim was in the back working on the Scefeleria which was a good thing because he is the only one tall enough to reach it.

I was working on the combo of light purple campion, Grapette or Grape Soda (maybe Grape Nehi 🙂 ) Phlox, and dill gone to seed.  The dill is interesting and it is left in the garden for the Swallowtail butterflies to feed on.  I have seen phlox that have small flowers on them but the Grapette Phlox has big, huge blooms.  A gorgeous purple color.  The campion is in bloom and by deadheading it will have a repeat blooming soon.


The garden is full of butterflies and dragonflies this year.  More than usual.  Perhaps because it’s been a warm season.  I’m not sure but there are an abundance of them this year.  All different colors and kinds and many big huge Swallowtails.  Last week I posted a couple of pictures of a couple different dragonflies in the garden.

To check out Rob’s segment for this week visit: http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=277238


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