Week 19 – Black Eyed Susan’s, Salvia and Purple Fountain Grass

Today we didn’t have a camera truck because Mitt Romney was in town so we went to the backyard at the 9News Studio and potted up some Black Eyed Susan’s, Purple Saliva and Purple Fountain Grass.  These make a great combination for the summer heat that will last into the Fall.  Remember Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers?   All of these plants are thrillers.  All beautiful in their own way and would make the center of any pot look great.

The Black Eyed Susan’s we used were the Prairie Sun which I jokingly said should be Green Eyed Susan’s because their centers are green.  They can take the heat and will produce many blooms with the proper water and fertilizer.   The Purple Salvia we used is Mystic Spires Blue and is always a great choice because of the rich deep purple color and the Purple Fountain Grass is just fun with all those tails sticking up and waving in the wind.

Black Eyed Susan’s come in many varieties including yellow with green centers, the traditional yellow with brown centers and a very nice red color.  Salvia also comes in a very nice red color so make your own color combos.  Black Eyed Susan’s are an annual in Colorado but if you’re lucky they will reseed and come back the next year when planted in the ground.  The type of Salvia we used today is an annual as well as the fountain grass.

Don’t let the heat make your pots look ugly.  It’s time to pull out the ugly plants and re-beautify our pots.

So far, so fun!!

Jennifer and I potted up the plants on the Proctor’s Garden segment this week.  To check it out please visit:  http://www.9news.com/garden/280868/358/Proctor-Revitalize-your-containers-with-black-eyed-Susans


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One Response to Week 19 – Black Eyed Susan’s, Salvia and Purple Fountain Grass

  1. jbg82368@yahoo.com says:

    Love the pics!!! It’s all beautiful!

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