Week 21 – Patio Plants

Turn to patio plants for beauty all season long and into the winter.  The drought this year has caused unusual disasters in our gardens.  The patio is one area that with proper watering and fertilization you can have beauty throughout all the seasons.  Many  patio plants thrive in the heat and may be brought indoors during the winter here in Colorado and will last for years. All of these plants today will work well indoors during the winter and may be put outside on the patio after frost danger is over until first frost in the fall.

Today I’ll explain each plant and a gallery of photos follows in the order I talk about the plants.

Pony Tail Palm – This plant is cool. It’s not a true palm and the BIG trunk stores water.  Bring this plant indoors for the winter and it will live for many years.

Firebells – Tecoma –  This plant will be shrub like from year to year. It’s related to the Trumpet Vine. Bring it indoors and it will bloom for you during the winter.  Red blooms.

Dragon Wing Begonia – This plant will bloom all year indoors and outdoors.  Bring it in for some nice bloom color indoors.  Red blooms.

Blood Leaf – Irisini – I love the color of the leaves.  I describe it as a bright dark pink/purple with green/black leaves.  Bring this plant indoors for the winter.

Peruvian Copper Plant -Euphorbia cotinifolia – This is not related to the Smoke Bush even though it looks similar.  Bring this indoors for the winter for some nice foliage inside.

Variegated Miniature Orange – This has sweet flowers but sour fruit.  Bring it indoors for some nice color in the winter. Leaves are limey green and white.

Flowering Maple – This is not a maple.  It is a member of the Hibiscus family.  It comes in many colors and will do well indoors during the winter. Pictured: Orangey pink flowers.

Wasabi Coleus – Called Wasabi probably for its color.  This is a NEW coleus just introduced.  It is sun-loving and will do well indoors with lots of light. Lime green (or the color of wasabi).

Vino Coleus – This is a sun-loving, vigorous plant.  It is NEW and will be introduced next year.  Deep purple colored leaves with a white edging. (hey, just like red wine).

Stained Glass Coleus – this is also sun-loving.  Any of the coleus may be brought indoors if given the right amount of light.  They love the sun and a warm place would be good for them.  Deep purple leaves edged with a lime green – a beautiful combination.

Solenia Begonia – This is a NEW vigorous tuberous hybrid- one of the best – it will take part shade to full sun.  They will bloom continuously and abundant.  I love these big fat flowers.  Almost rose like.  Pictured:  Pink

Other plants that thrive in the heat and are great for winter indoors are angel trumpets, bananas, mandevilla, and dwarf citrus.

This is a nice selection of plants that make the patio beautiful when added to other annual pots and creates a jungle like setting.  In the winter, Rob has plants all over the house and packs the sun rooms on the front and back of his house.  It’s a great winter jungle with all the patio plants indoors.  When it’s time to bring in the plants I’ll have pictures of how they are arranged and where they are placed indoors so you will have an idea of what type of lighting they need.  The nights are getting cooler so that time will be just around the corner.

So far, so fun!!

To see this week’s video cast please visit: (don’t just watch the video this week, read the article as well – Rob has lots more info on these plants and others that thrive in the heat and are good for indoors).



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4 Responses to Week 21 – Patio Plants

  1. Ambius says:

    Absolutely stunning photos and great advice. I’m very interested on getting my hands on a Solenia Begonia – they’re perhaps even more beautiful than roses (dare I say it!).

    Simon @Ambius

    • pbodwell says:

      This is a new plant. I will have to check and see where we got it. Might be Proven Winner or Plant Select. I will check and post where we got these. I saw some really gorgeous Begonia baskets this year. All the colors were very rich and striking.

      • Ambius says:

        Thanks very much for your help!

        Simon @Ambius

      • pbodwell says:

        Looks like Oglevee is the grower of these new begonias. Also, if you need these for your Denver area customers you could purchase them at Tagawa Garden Center. They don’t offer wholesale but they offer a business discount based on how much you purchase per visit.

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