Week 23 – Portable Gardens

Today we created a portable garden and added some annuals to pots in the perennial garden to help spruce it up and give it some color.  We put some annuals in  a wheelbarrow so we could use it as a detractor and move it around to take attention away from some of the spots in the yard or garden that aren’t as attractive as they could be right now.  We can also move the garden into the shade on those really, really hot days we are still having.

If you have an old wagon, cart, wheelbarrow or other portables that you are not using right now, plant them up and use them as decorations for the garden.  Make sure whatever you are using has drainage.

Julie and Heather put Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia, Wasabi Coleus, Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus and Tri-color Exotic Geraniums in the wheelbarrow.  They added some soil and compost to the wheelbarrow and sat the plants in their containers into the wheelbarrow and covered up the pots with soil so it looks like they are planted in the wheelbarrow when actually they are still in their pots.  If we want to move them later or just take them out of the wheelbarrow and use them somewhere else they will be easy to move; and we can use the soil and compost mixture somewhere else in the garden.

We moved the wheelbarrow over a spot in the lawn where there are some tree roots and the grass is brown to detract away from the brown spot.  We deadheaded all the annuals in pots and placed them back in the garden.

It’s almost cool enough for pansies again so we added some pansies to the pots in the perennial garden.

We fertilized all the pots again today so they will be looking wonderful and have nice healthy blooms for the tour.  We used Age Old Bloom for the flowering plants and Daniels for the leafy plants and potted trees.

As an added note today we congratulated John on winning Grand Champion at the State Fair for his gardening project in the junior division.  He had to get some tomato plants, harden them off and plant them, grow and harvest the tomatoes and sell them.  Great job John!!  Congratulations.

There will be another garden tour Sunday, September 9th to fundraise for several charities.  More info on that next week but if you’d like to tour the garden, mark Sunday,September 9th on your calendar.

So far, so fun!!

LET”S HAVE SOME FUN:  If you have a portable garden or any other great ideas for a portable garden (portable means you can roll it around), send me a picture and we’ll post them here on my blog and Rob’s page. There are so many great combos of plants you could use right now for a portable garden.  Mums, grasses, geraniums…….  There are some great Thrillers right now as well as some gorgeous Fillers!!  What combination of plants did you use?  Let us see!! E-mail your photos to: plbphotos@att.net  Please include your first name and your location and the plants in your portable garden.  Hey, we should make it a contest.  I will have the apprentices vote for the most unique portable garden or the one we like best or something.  The prize will be a softcover copy of my book, Rob & David’s Garden, a $23.99 value.  The link to my book is here on my blog so check it out.  Please send pictures of your portable garden by Tuesday, September 11th.  I will have the apprentices vote on Thursday, September 13th and will announce the winner on that week’s blog.

To view our video for this week and read other ideas Rob has for a portable garden, please visit: http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=286192

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