Week 26 – Preserving Fresh Herbs

There should be plenty of fresh herbs in your garden or the farmer’s market right now and you can dry and preserve them for use later.  Freeze them or bundle and dry them for cooking, or for those other projects you have time to do in the winter.

Basil and parsley freeze nicely.  Sometimes better than drying.  Chop some herbs, tear them with your hands, or use some herb scissors (they have several blades that chop several strip or pieces at one time).  Place the herbs in an ice cube tray and fill it with water.  Another alternative is filling it with olive oil.   Freeze the herbs and when ready pop them out and use them in sauce or stews or wherever you would like.  Just drop the cube into your pot.  After they are frozen you can also empty the tray and store the cubes in a freezer bag or container in your freezer.



To dry herbs, take a bundle of herb and tie it very tightly with string.  Tie the herb bundle upside down on a rack (a small clothes rack works nicely, or like me I have a dead tree in a pot that is a nice rack).  Let the herbs dry thoroughly.  This may take a couple of weeks.  It’s best to dry your herbs outside.   You want your herbs to be totally dry so when you store them in a container there is no moisture so they won’t mold.  After the herbs are totally dry, strip the leaves or chop the herbs and store them in containers for ready to use herbs.

We used several herbs today.  Dry your favorites and try some new ones.  We bundled aromatic wormwood, belota and lavender to use as moth repellents or sachets to freshen your closets and drawers.

Cooking herbs we used today were basil, Italian parsley, and oregano but there are so many others.  Dill, thyme, and on and on.

I’ve used dried herbs and flowers in everything for years.  Flowers may be dried the same way and used for decoration, dyeing material, ingredients for homemade soap and body creams. Potpourri and sachets.   Teas and medicines.  There are so many uses for dried herbs and flowers.  Knock yourself out and try some new projects.

I have many, many books on herbs and how to use them.  Check your local library and I bet you’ll find lots of books on herbs and flowers and the many ways you can use them.

So Far, So Fun!!  This week was really fun.

We didn’t have a camera truck this week so we all went down to the station.  To view this week’s segment visit:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=290188


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