Week 32 – It’s not early to think about Spring

Today we played with some plants that we can do something with during this time of year.  It’s good timing for days outdoors that are still warm, or indoors if we get a little snow.  There are some things you can be doing now that will allow you to get a jump on Spring plants and also save a little money.  If you thought ahead or have some plants that are still kicking you can take cuttings and root and pot them for Spring as well as you can spread some perennial and cool weather annual seed now.  Free plants and inexpensive seed are always nice.

Geraniums, Coleus, Bloodleaf, succulents and some Begonias are the most popular plants from outside to take cuttings, root and pot.  Columbine and other perennials and cool weather annuals such as Larkspur, poppies, Love In A Mist, Bachelor Buttons, and other old favorites can be seeded now.

To root plants just take a cutting (a long stem) and insert it in a jar of water.  In about a month the stem will have roots. Take the cutting with roots and plant it soil. Leave it on a window sill or under a grow light and you’ll have some Spring plants for pots as well as something nice to look at until then.

Succulents and African Violets are easy.  There is no need to root them.  Just take your cutting and put it in a pot of soil and water it.  Put several in a pot together next to each other.  They don’t need much room.  In the Spring you can use the succulents outside in the garden or you can have a nice succulent garden for indoors.

The perennials and cool weather annual seed may be planted now.  Just sprinkle them over the soil and tamp them in.  I’m lazy so I throw them down and step on them or just scatter them around and do nothing.  If you think about it the seed pods and plants are bursting now and scattering their seed.  There’s nothing out there to oversee them and they manage to sprout, take root and grow.  Your plants will be healthier if you plant your seed now.  The freezing and thawing helps them to germinate.  This is called vernalization.  Nature is just amazing sometimes.  This is my type of gardening.

If someone is nice enough to give you some of the plants used in today’s segment they should remember they are in their car and not leave them for 2 days.  The bloodleaf is pretty wilty but I have hopes it will perk up with some water.  I love a gardening challenge and nature really is amazing so I’m pretty sure it will be ok.

Rob gave us some Silver Dollar seeds.  I scattered them in a couple of areas and I’ll see what I get come Spring. We all know that Pansies are annuals but I have them pop up in places even during the winter if we get a stretch of warm weather.

So far, so fun!!

To see this week’s segment and for more great tips from Rob visit:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=298542


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