Week 35 – Porch Pots

Porch PotPorch Pot

Porch Pots spruce up your porch (pun intended) and are beautiful all season long.  Porch Pots are made of spruce tops, and boughs and any decorations you’d like to use.  Once you make your Porch Pot and it freezes it will stay beautiful until Spring.

To make a Porch Pot you’ll need a pot, soil, spruce top, boughs or limbs, a product called Wilt-Pruf or Wilt-Stop, water and decorations.  Remember earlier in one of my blogs we talked about Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers?  We’ll use this to make our pots beautiful.

You can use any pot you’d like.  Plastic, ceramic, and fiber pots are all great.  Stay away from terra-cotta as it will most likely freeze and crack.  You can put it directly in a pot or use a fiber pot and drop it down into a decorative pot.  I like the fiber or black plastic pot idea.  Inexpensive and you can just remove it from the decorative pot when it’s time to change it without a lot of mess.  Or if you have a big ceramic pot that looks ugly with dried up plants or sits empty until Spring you can just use the soil that’s already in the pot.

If you have enough trees you can cut your own spruce top, boughs, and limbs.  If you don’t have access to greenery, make a trip to your local garden center or Christmas tree lot and they should have a supply of greens and twigs and everything else you need for your pot.  Look for spruce, cedar, and juniper or anything else available in your area.

Fill your pot with soil almost to the rim.  It doesn’t need to be expensive.  Top soil or ordinary potting soil will work just fine.

Take a spruce top, 3, 4 up to 6 feet.  Whatever size you would like.  Make a fresh cut off the bottom. The fresh cut is important to soak up moisture to keep it fresh.  Insert (jam firmly) the spruce top into the soil in your pot so it is firm and won’t fall over.  This is your THRILLER.

Take your boughs and limbs and make a fresh cut on the bottom and insert them into the pot so they spill over the sides of the pots.  My favorite is the greens with the berries on it.  Look for it soon.  These are the first to go because the berries really add a nice touch and they are great to hang over the edge of the pot.  These are your SPILLERS.

Water the pot throughly so it is soaked.  If it has turned cold, your pot will freeze and your greens will stay beautiful.  If we get a warm spell and you think the soil gets warm, remember to add more water.  As long as the soil stays frozen you don’t need to worry about watering it.  Just like any plant, water it when it needs to be watered.

After you have all of your greens in the pot how you would like them, take some Wilt-Pruf or Wilt-Stop (available at your local garden center) and spray your spruce top and greens until they are dripping.  This product will coat your greens and dry into a sort of waxy coating to help keep the moisture in the greens.  If you don’t use this product, your greens may dry out and turn brown.

Take any decorations you would like and decorate your pot.  Decorations you can add are Redwood Dog Twigs, leaves and berries, bows, ornaments, artificial greens, assorted pics that are sparkly and glittery, flocked artificial greens, pine cones, etc.  You can go natural or add as much sparkle as you want.  You can also add lights.  A newer item in the last few years are artificial twigs and flowers that are actually lights.  My favorite is the pussy willows.  You can get battery operated or with an electrical adapter so you can plug them in.  These are your FILLERS.

There you go, you now have a beautiful Porch Pot for the holidays.  It will stay beautiful until Spring so if you like you can change out the decorations after the holiday.

Let’s see your creations!!  Send me some photos of your porch pots and we’ll do show and tell.  Send photos to plbphotos@att.net Please include your name and city so you get credit for your great creation. 

So far, so fun!!

To see this week’s segment, please visit:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=302085

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