Week 41 – Winter Windowsill Plants

Kyle and Canary Island Daisies

Today we talked about plants that like cool indoors and are good winter houseplants.  It’s January and a little dreary outside and there are some nice houseplants that have color and will brighten your space whether it be your windowsill or an office.

Two nice plants that are colorful and like the windowsill are Cyclamen and Canary Island Daisies.   These plants like it under 70 degrees so if you put on a sweater and turn the heat down these are the plants for you.  If you turn up the heat and it’s toasty then pass on these plants.


Canary Island Daisies (Cinerama) are from Canary Island which is near Africa.  Daisies are the most common type of plant and are from the Asteraceae Family.  I jokingly call all plants with petals around a round center daisies and sometimes  it is part of the common family.

Winter sun through the window is not a hot sun so don’t worry about putting them in direct sunlight in your window.  Keep the plants moist and humid.  It’s dry here in Colorado so take a tray or plant saucer and put some cactus gravel or rocks and water in it and place the plant in the pot on the rocks.   This will give some humidity to the plants. 

The Canary Island Daisy  is a great patio plant as well.  In the Spring plant the daisies with some  cool weather plants like pansies and snap dragons.   Just sink the pot that the daisies are in inside (if they’re in a plastic pot) a larger pot and plant the other plants around it.  When the daisy is finished blooming you can just remove the pot and replace it with a geranium or more heat loving plants.  Even though they like it  cold if it is going to be under 32 degrees bring the pot indoors. 

This plant does not like the heat so when it starts getting warmer and it stops blooming just compost it and start again next winter. 

So far, so fun!!

Check out this week’s segment at:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=309713


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