Week 42 – Time to trim the houseplants

I missed last week at the studio.  The topic of the day was attending to the cuttings and plants you from the patio and garden that you saved back in October.  The winter light is weaker and days are shorter and the plants reach for light and get straggly.

The plants you put in the water to root or put in pots are now probably straggly and unkempt looking.  If you rooted coleus or bloodleaf it’s probably just one stalk sticking up out of the pot.  The geraniums probably have long stems with leaves at the top and not much else.

Giving your plants a haircut is good for them.  It promotes new growth and will make the plant more bushy and healthier.

For geraniums, cut the stalk back to a joint.  Leave about 8 to 12 inches.  The plant will be healthier and start to rejuvenate itself.  Coleus and bloodleaf  will react in the same way.  If the bloodleaf and coleus start to grow again, keep pinching off the new growth at the top.  Pinching will help the plant bush out and get fuller.  Other plants just look better when you cut off the long straggly stems and stalks.  Any stalks that you cut off can be rooted in water and you’ll have more plants come Spring.

I’m one of those who used to hate cutting off any piece of plant that looks like it is living.  I had to go to Don’t Cut It Anonymous.  Once you give in and do it you won’t regret it.  Giving your plants a healthy haircut and trim is good for them.  Don’t hesitate!!   JUST DO IT!! 

So far, so fun!

Check out this week’s video segment at:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=310828


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