Week 43 – Winter Watering

We all gathered today at Rob’s garden for a segment on winter watering but there were two breaking news stories so we didn’t get the camera truck.  Winter watering is critical now because of the drought.  Trees and shrubs are in danger of not making it through the winter or may get so stressed they won’t leaf out or flower as well as they should.  Some evergreens have not gone dormant because it’s been warm and they need to be watered.

It’s very dry here in Colorado even in times when we have enough moisture but even with the little snow we’ve had we are way below the moisture level needed for our trees and shrubs this year.  If you have trees that are three or four years old it’s very important to winter water.  Trees and shrubs that are young and don’t have fully established root systems need a good soak at least once a month during this time of drought.  If you have young trees, right now they are in danger of not making it through this dry winter.

We’ve learned that even trees that make it through a drought can have lasting effects from not enough water.  Aspen trees in the mountains are dying four or five years after a drought even though it appears they get enough water in later years.  It’s very stressful for the tree.

If you have a deep root watering feeder, go out as far as the limbs extend and stick it in the ground and move it around the tree every couple of feet to make sure it gets a good soak.   Don’t stick the tool in near the base of the tree.  The roots extend as far out as the limbs go and that’s where you need the water.

If you don’t have a deep root tool and don’t want to drag the hose around just fill a watering can or bucket to water the trees and shrubs.  If you have a dam of earth or mulch around the tree fill it with water and let it soak in.  If you can use the hose then turn it on slow and let it fill the dam.  When you’re walking by give your perennials a little too.  They will thank you.


So far, so fun.

To view this week’s segment visit:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=312350

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