Week 44 – It’s time to think about seeds

The subject for the apprentices this week is starting seedlings.  It’s not time to start them yet but it’s definitely time to start making sure you have everything you want or need to get them started.

Make a list of seeds you would like to start.  Not everything should be started indoors like carrots and other things.  Some things are better sowed directly into the ground.  I like to start some of the flowers for my gardens. I’ve had good luck with starting Four O’Clocks and Moonflowers (Datura).  Tomatoes and other veggies are good to start and then plant outside when it’s time.

Timing is everything.  If you start them too early they’ll get leggy.  No one wants a two foot tall seedling when it’s time to plant them outside.  Your local garden center should have a list of what types of seeds are good to start indoors and the time to start them.  All packets have specific information on the back that tells you when to plant and how long it takes the seeds to germinate. 

Use your old plant packs from buying plants last year to plant your seedlings.  Make sure you sterilize old pots.  Use a mild bleach/water solution and wash them out.  Peat pots are another thing you can use to start seedlings and they are biodegradable.  I like to use the old plastic trays I got from the garden center when I bought plants.   Any sterile soil is ok or you can pick up some soil made especially for starting seeds.  Peat pots say you can put them in the ground but Colorado is way too dry for them to biodegrade. 

Go to your garden center or browse through seed catalogs and get your seeds now.  Seeds such as heirloom tomatoes go quickly so plan ahead NOW and get what you want or it might not be available.

There are little greenhouses you put by a window that look like a rack with a plastic cover that is good to start seedlings.  It keeps the humidity inside.  Make sure your seeds are kept moist.  The plastic greenhouse can get really hot and fry the tender plants, so be careful.

Order or buy your seeds soon, gather up your trays and pots and be ready when it’s time!!

So far, so fun!!

I didn’t make it to the station this week but to check out this week’s video go to:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=313898

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2 Responses to Week 44 – It’s time to think about seeds

  1. Melody says:

    Thank you. I want to be a gardener but every year end up with the same old ugly patch. The beautiful spaces are still trapped in my head! Also good to know why those peat pots are still whole at the end of each year.

  2. pbodwell says:

    I know, it’s hard to get that vision in your brain into the ground. Patience is a virtue and is helpful. No garden looks absolutely beautiful the first year. I have a little shade garden that I planted and the third year looked like what it did in my head. Buy or make some graph paper and draw your space to scale and fill it in with plants. That way you can keep looking at it and changing it and when you’re ready just follow your plan. Some garden magazines have great garden plans as well which can help.

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