Week 1 – It’s a new year – Welcome New Apprentices

NewApprentices with Kyle Dyer New apprentices with Becky Ditchfield

Today we welcomed nine new apprentices.  There are actually 10 but we count a daughter and her mother as one person.  Thank you to everyone who applied.  It was a hard decision as there were over 30 applications.  We are sorry we couldn’t pick everyone as all the candidates seemed good, but we could only pick 9 (9 for 9News!!).

I will be staying on this year as a “super” apprentice as Rob called us today.  I, Jennifer, Heather and Julie will remain and help each week with assigning duties in the garden, let everyone know what the duties are and assign speaking parts for each week’s segment.  I will still be taking pictures and blogging our adventures.  We look forward to a fun year and know the apprentices will learn just as much as we did last year. 

We gathered in the 9News Back Yard and the new apprentices planted pansies in pots.  It’s time to plant pansies and other cool weather annual seeds, like Bachelors Buttons, California Poppies and Larkspur.  They are hardy and like cool weather.  Saturday night the foot of snow might be a bit much for them so if you have any pansies planted make sure you bring them in.  They are not used to the real cold yet so need to be hardened off.  Plant them now and by June when it starts getting warm it will be time to replace them with something else.

It’s time to start getting out any plants that are dormant and start them.  I did the tulip bulbs in the pots that I will insert into a larger pot so I can just pull the pot out and put something else in when the tulips are done (remember that trick?).  It’s time to bring them in from the garage and give them a good watering so they will start growing. 

Next week we’ll get busy and start doing some garden clean up in Rob’s yard so stay tuned for another year of informative fun gardening.  Next week I will also introduce the new apprentices by name.  I haven’t matched all their names to their faces yet but we’ll get to that next week.  I may have to watch the segment a few times to remember who is who.

Happy Gardening!!

To see this week’s segment and the new apprentices, and how Rob plants his pansies visit: http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=321800


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