Week 6 – Spring Snow Gardening

David's Brownies

Most of us at Rob’s garden today ate David’s delicious brownies; and moved a few pots to say we worked a little.  It was pretty cold outside from the snow so we preempted pulling weeds in the alley garden until a warmer day.

Today we discussed how our plants dealt with the snowstorm the past two days.  Your cold weather plants that you have been planting should have made it through the storm. 

Kale, lettuce, pansies, dianthus and the other cool weather plants should be ok.  If you were able and brought your pots inside they will be great.  Hopefully if you had daffodils and tulips in the ground you covered them so they are ok as well.  One trick is to turn a pot upside down over the bulb plants so the snow doesn’t crush them. If you didn’t they should still make it through.  I have had tulips and daffodils that were bent over on the ground and as soon as the snow melted they popped back up.  If you can’t bring your pots inside you can do the same and turn a pot upside down over them or put a stick in the pot and cover with a frost blanket.  Anything so the plants aren’t crushed.

Dina and Mike were at the studio today while the rest of us were at Rob’s garden.  Dina talked about her adventures making it through the storm and gladiolous corms and Mike talked about lilies. 

Everyone at the garden watched Dina and Mike and then took all the pots that were staying warm inside Rob’s house back out onto the patio.  We then ate David’s famous delicious brownies. 

To prove we worked a little today watch the “Moving Pots” video at: http://youtu.be/aucuPjZlVLk

For David’s brownie recipe visit Rob’s page at www.proctorsgarden.com

To see today’s segment and to see what adventures Dina had and to see how to plant gladiolous corms and what different types of lilies you can plant now please visit: http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=329733


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