Week 7 – We Surrender (but not for long)

This week we cancelled Proctor’s Apprentices.  We’re tired of talking about what cool weather plants can go into pots and we’re yearning to get our hands dirty digging in the soil.  Hopefully this is the last of the snow.  Today Rob went to the studio and talked about assessing damage to our gardens.

What weather we have been having!  I can’t remember cold temperatures like this in April.  The 7 degrees we had a couple of weeks ago really wreaked some havoc with spring plants and fruit trees.  Usually daffodils and tulips and other spring fare weather the snow very well; but with the single digit temperatures we have a lot of plants looking pretty sad.

It’s time to throw up our hands and get on with it.  Don’t panic about plants that look bad or didn’t make it.  Just let them be and see how they come out of this bad weather.  You might be surprised in some cases.  Time will tell if the early blooming fruit trees and lilacs will have some blooms this year.  It’s always a little sad when my lilacs freeze and I don’t get any.  I look forward to them each spring.  I’m hoping that most of the blooms hadn’t started yet.  My cherry tree doesn’t look like it had started to bud out yet so I have my fingers crossed I’ll have cherries this year.  For those you who have pots on your patio I hope you were able to cover them or bring them in.  The next few nights should be ok to leave out pansies, stock, dianthus and other cool weather plants. 

We are supposed to get more snow Tuesday with a low of around 21.  If plants are hardened off they should survive this.  Cover if possible.  We can only watch and wait.

One good thing about all this moisture is we don’t have to water yet and with the drought and water restrictions this is a good thing.  You can wait a couple more weeks before you think about getting your sprinkler systems going.  The plants and lawn are definitely loving all this moisture.  I’m ready for it to turn to rain now though, how about you?

Happy Gardening!!

To check out Rob’s segment this week visit:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=331196




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