Week 9 – ARRRGGGHHH – this snow is for the birds

We cancelled the garden work again this week after 4-6 inches of snow yesterday.  No delivery of May baskets yesterday as it was cold and soggy and you could barely see through the falling snow after being in the 80’s the day before. 

Ah, well, we will just have to talk about feeding the birds today.  Our spring plants are behind so there’s no blooms for nectar for the hummingbirds so get out your feeders now and give them some food. 

If you don’t have a bird feeder you can use a bowl, or trash can lid.  Whatever you can put out to put some feed for the birds is ok.  You can pick up some bird seed at the local grocery store or local garden center.  The birds will really appreciate it as they are migrating and it has been so warm the birds are already coming through and are searching for food.

I’ve seen lots of birds on the ground getting worms and whatever seed they can scrounge up but I’m sure seed is scarce so lend a helping hand so the birds will be around to eat the bad insects we all complain about when it gets warm. 

There is a freeze warning for the next couple of nights so if you have your plants covered continue to do that for two more nights and then it should be above freezing at night.  Tulips and daffodils probably made it through last night.  If you have new pots or plants bring them in the garage or house for another couple of nights as well and you should be ok. If you can’t bring them in then cover them wth a frost blanket, upside down tupperware, or sheets.  Put sticks in your pots before covering them to keep the cover off the plants so they don’t get squashed.

If you happen to be near Tagawa Gardens tomorrow or Sunday Rob will be giving pot demonstrations at 11:00.  If you want pots that look like this then be there or have ugly pots (just kidding).

Entrance to patio

Happy Gardening (we hope next week).

Here is today’s segment to view:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=333898


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One Response to Week 9 – ARRRGGGHHH – this snow is for the birds

  1. Leroy Holte says:

    Makes me feel better to hear that! It’s snowing as we speak. Garden??? What’s that???

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