Week 10 – It’s time to get in the garden

Hurray, we were in the garden again today.  It was pretty soggy from all the rain we had yesterday but we split some bulbs, and painted some faux pots so the wet garden wasn’t a problem.

Heather, Jennifer, Matty and Susan divided cannas and other various bulbs. Some came from pots and some came from the garden.  If it’s time to divide them just dig them up and cut them into clumps of 6 or so or whatever you’d like.  Most of the bulbs will go back into the garden or be given as “gifts”.

Joe, Dina, Mike and Deena and Julie and I were painting faux pots.  Recycle old pots or make new pots look old by painting them with latex paint.  We took some plain black plastic pots and painted them a terra-cotta color.  We took other colors and wiped them on to make them look distressed.  Get some texture paint and you can make the pot look like the salt that seeps through the pot. 

Deena and Mike talked about what you can plant now.  It’s really time to start doing everything.  It’s been a cold spring but nights should be getting warmer.  Plant most anything now except the plants that like hot weather.  Make sure if you buy them from a greenhouse that you harden them off a few days before leaving them out over night.   For the hot weather plants you should wait until the nights are around 50 degrees and then you can just leave them out.

We have sprouts!!  The gardens we planted two weeks ago in the alley garden are starting to come up.

Our garden is sprouting

The tour is in three weeks.  We will be dropping by the garden whenever we can to get it in shape.  We need to refresh the garden trenches, plant some new flowers, keep the pots fertilized.  Just a lot to do and we can finally start getting it done with some cooperation from the weather. 

Happy Gardening!!

Check out more tips for this week at: http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=335228


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One Response to Week 10 – It’s time to get in the garden

  1. Leroy Holte says:

    Not yet, still fnowing and feeding migrating birds here!!!!

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