Week 11 – Spring is bursting out all over

Mouse happy for the dry garden

Wow! Zow! Pow!  That’s what happened in my yard and garden in the last three days.  How about you?  That’s happening in Rob’s garden as well as the apprentices gathered today and were totally amazed at everything that is popping up all over.   Just last week we were wondering if we would ever get Spring and there wasn’t a bloom in sight.  Today this is what I found in Rob’s garden.

It appears the snow from just two weeks ago is gone and it jumped up in the 80’s already.  In the last two days my cherry tree has blossomed, the trees burst out in leaves, and my iris are finally popping up stalks with blooms almost ready to open.  My shade gardens went from I hope things are coming back to gosh, they are 6 inches tall today.   Just yesterday I looked and hoped my ferns I planted last year would be back and I couldn’t find them and today they are 6 inches tall.  I’m not kidding.  Spring is bursting out all over.  Four days ago my bleeding heart was a little lump of leaves and yesterday I looked and it’s a foot tall with a bunch of hearts on it. 

There is a lot to do to get ready for the June 9 Dumb Friend’s League Tour.  In the alley Matty and Mike planted up the bulbs that were divided last week.  Deena and Susan planted up some gladioli bulbs (it’s time to plant summer bulbs like dahlias, glads, etc) inside the fence back by the alley.  Everyone else chipped in deadheading the pot plants (I guess since we live in Colorado I should say the plants in the pots) and giving them a good dose of fertilizer.

The fertilizer we use and also my favorite choice is Age Old products.  They come in a handy bottle that you can squeeze to measure and dump in your watering can without worrying about it spilling.  It’s a great organic product.  We used Age Old Bloom on the blooming plants.  Bloom has lots of phosphorous (the middle number on the bottle) to give the plants healthy and bigger blooms.  We used Age Old Grow on the green plants which gives them more nitrogen to grow.  Remember, NITROGEN TO GROW, PHOSPHORUS TO BLOOM.  When plants are trying to bloom you don’t want to waste energy on growing.  Give them what they like and they will respond to you nicely with more, bigger, healthier blooms.  Fertilize your pots every 7 – 10 days.  Depending on what you have in your pot you can do a mix of Grow and Bloom.  More bloom than grow since usually our pots have mostly bloomers in them.  The little bit of grow will help with your green filler plants.  I like to use organic products in my yard.  I have a beehive and it’s important to remember that whatever we put on our plants, ends up in our honey.  So many products can kill the bees and they are our pollinators and we need to protect and help them.  Same if you are fertilizing vegetables.  Whatever you put on them, you end up eating.

Deadheading is important to keep your plant blooming.  Everything on a plant takes energy even if they are dried up and hanging on the plant.  It’s probably better to cut off the old blossom rather than just pull it out.  Petunias for example.  If you just pull the blossom they will get long and stringy or leggy.  If you cut off the old blossoms the energy will go to new blooms and your plant will get fuller and have nicer, healthier blooms.  Cut the bloom back to the first joint or leaf you see.  If it’s time to cut back your daffodils, cut off the stem with the bloom way down as far as you can go.  Don’t cut off the leaves.  The leaves are food for the bulbs and give them nutrition for next year. 

Yesterday I dropped by the garden in the morning while Rob and David were out working and I trimmed all the thyme around the bricks in the vegetable garden in the yard.  Next week we’ll get out our favorite tool, the shuffle hoe and clean the dirt paths to rid them of plants that have creeped out or any weeds that are popping up.

There are three feral kittens hanging around the garden.  Rob and David will try to catch them and give them a good home. 

3 new feral cats - trying to catch and give a home

Whew, long blog this week but there’s still lots to do and this week’s sun is really getting things going and by next week I’m sure everything will look totally different.

Happy Gardening!!

Check out this week’s segment: http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=336485


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