Week 15 – A Tour Success and Portable Gardens

WOW.  I can’t believe it.  Last year on this very same week we did the tour and then fires hit everywhere in Colorado.  The tour this year was last Sunday and this week we are preempted today by the worst fire in Colorado history.  There are four major fires going in Colorado at this very moment so we’ll talk about the tour and portable gardens.  Prayers for all the fire fighters and hope we’ll get some rain.

The apprentices were out in full force to host the 2013 Proctor/Macke Garden tour benefitting the Denver Dumb Friends League.  It was a beautiful day and there was lots of beautiful flowers and shrubs to view as well lots of homemade cookies and lemonade to beat the heat.  It was a gorgeous day in the 80’s so not too scorching and there was always shade to be found to hide in to cool off.

This year the attraction was the Beauty Bush and the Giant Sea Kale.  Also, everyone asked what the big huge leaves were and it was the attraction from last year, the Cow Parsnip.  Unfortunately the Cow Parsnip was not in bloom yet.  Here is what it looks like for all those who were asking

Cow Parsnip - a BIG hit

Here are some pics from the tour as well as a little fun time-lapse video.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out a fun time-lapse video:  http://pattybodwell.com/artwork/3183816_Proctor_Macke_Garden_Tour_2013.html

This is a sun garden - zinnias, marigolds, sweet potato vine

This is a sun garden – zinnias, marigolds, sweet potato vine

Here is a picture of a portable garden.  This is done in Rob’s wheelbarrow.  I picked out the plants the other day and Heather and the apprentices potted them up.  Portable gardens are fun.  They look beautiful and you can move them around your garden.  Is it going to hail?  Move the garden to safe spot.  Want to hide that hole in your lawn?  Park a portable garden over it.  Want to hide those roots so no one trips over them?  Park a portable garden over them.

The only requirement for a portable garden is you can move it around easily and it has to drain.  Rob’s wheelbarrow is nicely rusted out in the bottom so he had instant drainage.  If you don’t then you need to drill some holes in the bottom to make sure it drains.  Unless you want a swamp garden, then make sure it drains well.

Who has the coolest portable garden?  Last year I did a little contest and no one sent in a photo.  I know someone out there has to have a portable garden somewhere.

LET’S TRY AGAIN!!  If you have a portable garden or any other great ideas for a portable garden (portable means you can roll it around), send me a picture and we’ll post them here on my blog and Rob’s page. There are so many great combos of plants you could use right now for a portable garden.  Zinnias, marigolds, grasses, geraniums…….  There are some great Thrillers right now as well as some gorgeous Fillers!!  What combination of plants did you use?  Let us see!! E-mail your photos to: plbphotos@att.net  Please include your first name and your location and the plants in your portable garden.  I will have the apprentices vote for the most unusual portable garden or the one we like best or something.  The prize will be a softcover copy of my book, Rob & David’s Garden, a $23.99 value.  The link to my book is here on my blog so check it out.  Please send pictures of your portable garden by Tuesday, July 2nd.  I will have the apprentices vote on Thursday, July 11th, and will announce the winner on that week’s blog.

Happy Gardening!!

Check out the Sunday segment with all the info on portable gardens:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=340290


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