Week 16 – Out with the old – In with the new

The wild fires preempted us from having a camera truck again today but we were busy buzzing around the garden.

Mary Jane deadheading

We were in the garden while Rob was at the studio.  We were getting the garden spruced up for an interview with Rob by the “Dig It” TV show.  Mike clipped the grass edging to make it look good on camera.  Mary Jane deadheaded the plants so they would look good as well.

Julie pulling up the bolted lettuce

It was time to pull up the peas that are done and the lettuce that has bolted and replant some new crops.  When lettuce goes to seed it is called bolting and it gets bitter and there’s a huge stem that grows straight up out of the lettuce.  Julie pulled up the old plants and Deena and Sandy planted pole beans and squash where the lettuce and peas had been.  When those crops are finished it will almost be fall and we can plant some new lettuce and greens.  It’s too late to plant seed but if you get some starts it’s not too late to plant tomatoes, squash, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins and other summer/fall crops.

The Pony Tail Palm has broken out of its pot.  The Pony Tail was in this pot for about 10 years after it had broken out of its first pot.  The plant is at least 20 years old.  This plant is on the patio during he summer and goes back into the house for the winter.  Next week Mike will replant it into a larger pot.  That pot should last for another 10 years.

Rob has dug up all his primroses out of the garden.  We took gallon pots and repotted them and they will go in the shade garden for now and when it gets cold in the fall they will go on the front sun porch and will be ready again for the Spring.  We repotted at least 30 plants.

There are new feral kittens living in the potting shed.  They are trying to get them used to people so they can keep them or adopt them out.  They are very cute.

The Giant Herculaneum Cow Parsnips are popping up all over the garden.  They are so spectacular.

Happy Gardening!!  We hope to see you with a camera truck next week in the garden.

To see this week’s segment visit:  Will post as soon as it’s available.


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