Week 17 – Summer garden touch up

We had a camera today so we did the things we talked about last week.

The Spillmans cut back the Meadow Sage

Meadow Sage can be cut back so it will bloom again this year.  Just cut off the bloom down the first or second set of leaves.

Deena, CA and Susan pull peas and plant peppers

Pull out peas and lettuce and replant.  Today we replanted with squash and peppers.

Joe and Matty cut back the asters

Cut back Mums and Asters into mounds for nice looking clumps when they bloom.  Mums and Asters get leggy and fall over when they bloom so cutting them back will solve that problem.  Cut them back about a third of their length.

The Pony Tail Palm busting out of its pot

Joe and Matty repotted the Pony Tail Palm in a bigger pot today after it busted out of the pot it had been in for the last ten years. This one should last another ten.

Mouse keeping cool

Mouse keeping cool.  It was a scorcher today even at 8:30 this morning it was hot.  Denver has lifted water restrictions and you may now water 3 days a week.  There is no schedule, just choose the days you want to water.  If you don’t live in Denver, check you local water company to see if restrictions have eased in your area.

Happy Gardening!!

To see an article about the changes to Denver water restrictions visit:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=342486


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3 Responses to Week 17 – Summer garden touch up

  1. Lina says:

    nice photos, Patty…I cut my sage down to the ground and it comes back beautifully…. Same with the Clematis recta. i give them a little Age Old Organics grow to help them along. Love the photo of mouse!!!!!

    • pbodwell says:

      Thanks LIna, Do you cut your clematis back now? I’ll have to look up the recta. The type I have is full of blooms now.

      • Lina says:

        Clematis recta is a shrub type clematis, so it is OK to cut that back now… I have cut back my early blooming clematis (those that bloom with big flowers in the spring April/May) such as Miss Bateman, every few years to tidy it up…it grows new foliage and hardens enough to produce blooms the following spring.

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