Week 21 – To every season, turn, turn, turn….

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It’s been hot and lots of plants are getting leggy and overgrown and are looking a little overdone.  It was time to rearrange the patio pots.  Or as we called it in this segment “editing your patio”.

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Any pots that had long leggy and straggly plants like petunias are put aside and trimmed and fertilized and will be put back when they look good again.  We took the centerpiece pot and removed all the nemesia and took it to the compost pile.  It is done for the season.  We trimmed back the verbena and left it in the pot as it will be looking good again soon.  After removing the nemesia we took one of the pots from the patio and removed the plant and made if the Thriller of our centerpiece pot.

We rearranged all the pots, taking the ones that look good and moved them to the front, removed the ones that are straggly and then put them all back (and as always very symmetrical).  Rob is very anal about being symmetrical.  It really makes a difference in the way the patio looks.

As of the count today there are 672 pots.  How could it not look gorgeous???

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Also, it’s time to harvest some of the veggies we’ve planted.  Today we took home Armenian cucumbers, and Italian squash, and some sort of large zucchini shaped yellow squash.  The Italian squash is edible as well as making a very fashionable head rest!!

There is a very fun video of “editing the patio” today.  View it at:




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