Week 22 – Summer garden maintenance

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We’ve been sitting back and admiring the borders in the yard.  It’s now time to keep them looking that way.  It’s time to deadhead, trim and cut back some of the plants that are getting long and leggy and unmanageable.  This will make the garden look fresh and allow plants to bloom again.

Some say this is not as exciting as planting and watching them grow but it’s rather therapeutic to get out there and roam around snipping here and snipping there.  You can really see what’s in your garden up close and admire all the blooms, and see the bees at work and the butterflies and dragonflies finding food in your garden.

Hollyhocks are stretching up and some are falling over so we took the stakes with the circle on top to wrap around the stalks and push into the ground to hold them up. You could also use a stake and some string to hold them up.

Joe’s job today was to cut down the Giant Cow Parsnip we left to go to seed.  There were several that had already been cut down but we left one so we could have the seed.

We deadheaded roses and lilies and this will allow them to bloom again before the season is over.   We cut back mint and salvia and hardy geraniums in hopes they will bloom again.  Don’t be afraid to cut off a third of the top.  This will help promote new growth.

If you have annuals in your garden make sure to keep them deadheaded.  Plants want to go to seed and if you keep them deadheaded they will put their energy into making new blooms rather than trying to produce seeds.  If you have annuals and they bloom once and you don’t understand why they won’t bloom again it’s possible you’re not deadheading and trimming the plant back enough.

There are some plants that you might like to leave after they go to seed.  Dill is one.  Swallowtail butterflies love the dill as Monarchs love the Milkweed.

So, it’s time to get your snippers out and roam your garden.

Happy Gardening!!

To see this week’s segment in the garden please visit:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=349200


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