Week 28 – What’s better than free plants?


If you’re an avid gardener then not much.  It’s easy to take cuttings, root them and plant them to make some free plants for next Spring.

It’s starting to get cooler and it will be time to take any plants outside on the patio back inside for the winter.  It’s also time to take any cuttings you’d like to and put them in water to root them.

Plants that are good to get cut and root are sweet potato vine, geraniums, blood leaf, coleus, and begonias.

Cut off a piece of the plant about an inch under one of the nodes (joints), strip off the bottom leaves and put it in a jar of water in a nice sunny, warm window.  Let the plant root and in the Spring you can plant it and get a whole new plant.  Much less expensive than buying all new.  You can also make new succulents.  There is no need to root these, you can just stick them right in some soil and you have a new plants.

It doesn’t take long to get roots and if you’d like you can plant them and keep them in the window sill or under a plant light; or you can keep them in water and plant them closer to Spring.

Soon it will be time to bring your plants inside and we’ll cover how and when to bring them in for the winter.

Happy Gardening!!

For this week’s segment please visit:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=356992

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