Week 32 – It’s time to plant bulbs


Today started out cold (34 degrees) but while we were in the garden the sun came out and it was a perfect day to plant bulbs.

We planted tulips and crocus and winter hardy pansies today.  In Colorado the Darwin Hybrid tulips are the best to plant.  They will last years and years.  Other types of tulips may last two or three years and then you’ll have to replant; so look for Darwin tulips which are nice and big.  Tulip packages are marked as Darwin Hybrids so you’ll know when you find them.

We had fun matching the tulips to the pansies for the color combinations we thought went well together.  I liked the yellow tulips with the burgundy pansies and the yellow with the yellow/purple pansies.  There was a nice yellow/orange tulip that went well with the yellow pansies.

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To plant our tulips today we didn’t make a hole for each one and plant them six inches apart.  We planted them bouquet style.  Here’s how:

Dig a hole about a foot wide and six to eight inches deep.  Take five or six tulip bulbs and place them in the hole about 2 inches apart.  Make sure you plant them tip up.  Cover them with soil and plant the pansies in a ring around the hole and maybe one or two in the middle.  The pansies will bloom now and possibly during warm winter spells and the tulips will grow up through the pansies in the Spring to make a nice bouquet amongst the pansies.

Tulips are contractile (my new word for the day) which means they will adjust themselves to the depth they need to be so six to eight inches is fine.  They’ll figure it out.

We planted crocus in the sedum which will be nice in the Spring when the crocus pop up through the sedum.

DEER LOVE THESE so forget about them unless you can keep them away.

Happy Gardening!!

To view this week segment, visit:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=362546

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