Week 36 – Poinsettias and Porch Pots

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It’s time to decorate for the holidays and right now there are some really nice indoor plants as well as some nice outdoor choices to decorate your home.

Poinsettias are beautiful and fairly easy to take care of with a few tips.  They like light and humidity.  It is dry here so here are a couple of tips to give them some humidity.  Take a saucer and put some pea gravel or pebbles in the saucer and put the poinsettia pot in the saucer or if you have a nice pot and saucer just drop the plastic pot into the decorative pot and set the pot on the gravel.  The water that drains into the saucer will give your plant some extra humidity without the roots sitting in water and rotting them.  If your plant drops a few leaves when you first bring it home that is normal.  Don’t overwater and drown your plant.  They should be moist but not soggy.  Wilting doesn’t always mean it needs water.  Make sure you don’t have it by a heat vent with hot air blowing on it.

If your poinsettia came with a foil wrapping and you’d like to leave it on the pot, make sure you poke a hole in the bottom of the foil so the water can drain.

There are so many choices of poinsettia colors.  Traditional red, deep burgundy, pink, white.  There’s a variegated pink/white that is really beautiful.  You can also get them died in blue or purple and other colors.  Here in Colorado there is ever popular blue and orange for a Broncos theme.

Photo by Rob Proctor

Photo by Rob Proctor

Another way to use a poinsettia is to combine them with some other indoor flowering plants.  Group them together in a basket or in their own arrangement in saucers.  When they’re together in an arrangement they will share the humidity.  Some nice plants you can use right now are Christmas cactus, cyclamen, paperwhites (you can now buy them fragrance free), antherium, hydrangea and azaleas.  For some green draping color you can add some ivy or pothos.

If you are not fond of poinsettias, a Christmas cactus makes a very nice thriller piece for an arrangement.  Little indoor pines add some green and depth or a larger one a nice center for your arrangement.

For the outdoors it’s time to do a porch pot.  These are easy to make and last until March when it starts to get warmer.  You can redecorate them from now through the beginning of Spring.

Take a pot and add some soil. If you have summer pots that still have soil you can use one of those or if you need to buy soil plain old top soil will work great.  The branches are dead, they do not need nutrients.  You can do a mixture of sand and soil.  I find that with all sand the branches don’t stay in as well so I would use all soil.   Get a spruce top and other green branches and make a new cut so the branches will draw water and stick the greens down into the soil.  Water thoroughly.  If it’s cold at night outside and the soil freezes you won’t need to water it very often.  If it gets warmer just check the soil and make sure it doesn’t get too dry.  To give added protection buy a spray bottle of Wilt Pruf or Wilt Stop and spray the arrangement until it’s dripping.  You only need to apply this once and after it dries it will create a nice waxy coating to help keep in the moisture.

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Take some other decorations, whatever you would like.  It can be glittery ting and ornaments or if you like the natural look you can take some red dogwood twigs, dried pods, pinecones, berry twigs or other natural plants.  Add a nice big bow!

Keep it watered when it gets dry and it will last until March.

For a peek at a nice indoor arrangements check our Rob’s segment at:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=368442


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