So you want to be an apprentice?


David grabbed a shot of all the apprentices in the corn stalks.It’s time to apply to be an apprentice for 2014.

To apply write two paragraphs on why you would like to be an apprentice.  Look for Rob Proctor’s facebook page and MESSAGE him your two paragraphs or watch this week’s segment and follow the instructions to apply through 9News.

Being an apprentice is such a great experience. You will learn so much about annual, perennials, container gardening, vegetable gardening as well as houseplant that can go indoors and outdoors.

You must be available on Wednesday for tapings or Thursday for live shows.  There is not always a camera person available so sometimes we tape on Wednesday and if there is a camera person available we go live on Thursday.

Check out the segment by clicking the link below and apply today!!

About pbodwell

Master Gardener; Nat'l Award Winning Photographer; Garden Writer; Artist - art books, print maker, hot glass, wire jewelry designer; sometime quilter; new homesteader; bee keeper; very crafty; Baseball fan, enthusiast, and researcher; all things vintage
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