Week 4 – Veggies Gardens, Hypertufa, and Tuna Quarters

In the garden this week:

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Today we started out in the alley gardens.  We remolded the sides of the waffle gardens, added some organic matter (either compost, manure or sheep and peat), and planted up some broccoli (why?), and other plants.

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Then we went to the backyard for today’s segment.  All about Alpine Rock Gardening.  There are really some small cute alpine flowers.  It’s hard in Denver to have an alpine rock garden because rock lying around yards here is not natural.  If you would like a rock garden instead of trying to make a place look good with rock (which is hard on flat land) you can use Hypertufa troughs.  There are lots of recipes online to make hypertufa containers but it can be a little tricky and takes a while.  Some garden centers sell hypertufa.  The pot gives the plants an environment like a rock garden would.  Plant your plants in the pots, water them when needed, and don’t give them too much sun.   They are usually up higher in altitude and in the containers they can get fried if they are in sun that is too hot because the container retains heat and there is a small amount of soil.

If you are interested in these little plants The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society is having a sale at the Denver Botanic Gardens this Saturday from 9am to 3pm.

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We also talked about starting plants in Tuna Quarters.  Actually we took 2 1/4 inch black plastic pots (recycling those little pots your plants come in from the garden center).  Instead of saying two and a quarter we just slur our words and call them Tuna Quarters.  There are plants and cuttings that we’ll get going by planting them in the small pots and when they get better roots and start growing we’ll transplant them into pots or the garden.

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Wow, we got a lot done this morning.

Get out there and get gardening!!

For this week’s segment go to:  http://www.9news.com/story/life/home-garden/proctors-tips/2014/04/24/proctor-grow-alpine-plants-without-a-rock-garden/8093465/



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