Proctor/Macke Garden Tour for the Tennyson Center for Children


It was a pleasant day for a walk in the garden.  It was overcast but a beautiful day, especially for taking pictures.  Refreshments were served on the lawn and everyone had a wonderful time.  The apprentices were on hand for answering questions and enjoyed the garden without working in it!!

It did rain just as I was leaving.  I saw a few people with hoods and umbrellas still enjoying the garden.

I constantly hear people saying he’s lucky to have the apprentices to do all that work.  In reality, we are there one hour a week and part of that time is filming the segment.  Occasionally we stay a little longer if we like or pop in an extra few minutes once in a while like when we’re getting ready for a tour, but really, we don’t do an inth of what goes on in that garden.

People don’t believe us that the garden and pots are hand watered, but it’s true.  A sprinkler is set on the lawn and moved around by hand but the pots are all hand watered and hand fertilized and deadheaded.  It’s a lot of work and is done by none other than Rob and David.  That garden is a full time job!!

That garden is so lush with plants that it holds moisture really well.  The plant foliage keeps the sun from reaching the soil and drying it out so it doesn’t have to be watered as much as we probably water our own.   The more open space we fill with rock (attracts and retains heat) and mulch, the more the moisture can evaporate.

Also, remember the garden was not built in a day.  It’s been there a long while and many of the plants come back year after year.  New plants  may be added , or divided and moved around but there are some oldies but goodies in that garden that look beautiful year after year.  Annuals are tucked in to give it more color.  It’s a constant work in progress.

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