Week 12 – Out with the old, In with the new


BYE BYE Pansies!!

BYE BYE Pansies!!

Today in the garden the apprentices got rid of the plants that are cool loving and got ready for the hot weather.  That means out with the pansies and cool weather veggies and in with the beautiful summer bloomers and peppers and other heat loving veggies.

Around the garden today:

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Allison and Matt, and Sally and Lisa pulled out old pansies and repotted with summer plants.  Steffen and Jerid harvested cool weather veggies and planted some summer fare like tomatoes, peppers and squash.

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The pansies have done really well this year and still look good and sometimes it’s really hard to get rid of them but as the days get warmer they’ll wilt and get sick and you’ll think, why didn’t I do that two weeks ago.

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There are many beautiful plants you can use to redo your pots and container gardens.  Remember the three plants (this term coined by non other than our own Rob Proctor) you can use in your pots:

Thrillers – they are the tall beautiful plants that take your breath away when they bloom.  Geraniums, begonias (Hot Wings like heat – some like shade so find the right ones), cannas, hydrangeas, any plant that loves the summer heat and is tall.  It could be a grass or a spike as well.  It doesn’t necessarily have to stick up in the middle of your pot.  If you have a nice big pot you can stagger them, for example, put three in a pot.

Fillers – these are plants that are less tall that will fill in the pot around the thrillers.  They may bloom or they may be gorgeous variegated colored plants like sun coleus that fill in and give lots of color.

Spillers – these are plants you can put around the outside and they will start spilling out over the outside of the pot.  Things like sweet potato vine, wave petunias, and other vining plants.  They can bloom or there are some really pretty colored viny plants you can get.  If your fillers don’t bloom, maybe a spiller that does or vice versa.

Pick a color theme.  Use sunset colors.  Use cool colors.  Use complementary colors.  Use the same color in different shades for a mono theme.  Go wild and mix it up.  Whatever is pleasing to you because you have to look at it.  Have a plan when you go into the store.  Sometimes there are so many beautiful plants and I start wandering around putting stuff in my basket and then all of a sudden I forget they all don’t like the same amount of sun or heat and I have to start over because I’ve picked up things that won’t fill the pot the way I want.  It’s easier when you go if you have a list of each pot, and how many sun and shade plants you need for each pot, and the color theme for each pot.  If you just have a list of how many shade and sun plants you need and you want different color themes, you might not end up with the right of amount of plants for the right pot.  In the summer heat, bigger is better.  A small pot dries out so quickly.  One big pot costs the same to fill as a couple of small pots and your results will be better.  It will hold the moisture longer.

The second thing to remember is:  Right plant, right place.  You can get a variety of beautiful bloomers and non-bloomers in beautiful colors in both shade and sun plants.  Pick the right plants for your conditions and you will be successful.   Put petunias in the shade and you’ll wonder why they won’t bloom.  Put coleus and impatiens in the sun and you’ll wonder why they wilt.  Some plants come in shade and heat varieties.  Lobelia likes to be cooler but there is a hardy variety that can take heat.  Some coleus like shade but there is are varieties of sun coleus that take the sun and heat.  They don’t really like to be mixed so figure out how much sun your pot will get during the day and plant accordingly.

Go to a local garden center for good advice.  If you’re not sure whether a plant likes sun or not, just ask.  Remember that you can’t look at the tags on a plant and figure out what it will do here.  The tags put in plants are tags that go across the whole nation.  We are a mile closer to the sun so plants that do well in sun in some states may not do so well here so don’t be afraid to ask.  Some garden centers have their plants separated into shade and sun sections.   Put the right plant in the right place, water when it needs it and fertilize and you’ll be successful.

I like Age Old Organics,  Bloom and Grow for plants and Garden Tone and Tomato Tone for veggies.  There are others out there.  For veggies for sure get an organic fertilizer.  Tomatoes like different fertilizer than plants.  Remember, you are what you eat!!

Now, get out there and get gardening!!

To see the segment for this week go to:  http://www.9news.com/story/life/home-garden/proctors-tips/2014/06/18/replacing-pansies/10671303/



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