It’s time for the second half


Have you been sitting and admiring your garden in full bloom?  We’ve ooo’d and ahh’d over the garden for the last three or four weeks.  We can still keep our garden in shape for the second half of the season.

It may be time to give your container gardens a trim.  They may be getting a little leggy and with a good trim and cut and some grow fertilizer there’s time for another round of blooms.  With the moisture and some of the cool temperatures we’ve had the last couple of weeks things may be wanting to bloom ahead of time.  Some of the Fall asters are already getting into the game.  Some poor plants are confused and Spring bloomers are trying to bloom again now.  It’s all cool.  Just enjoy them.

Deadheading the perennial garden right now would be a good thing.  If it’s a one time bloomer cut the stem down as far as you can.  For interest you can leave the foliage if it adds interest to the border.  They will die out later in the winter and give the garden some good nutrients.  Some plants will give you more blooms so just deadhead and wait for another round.

Don’t let up on your fertilizing.  Remember, every 7 to 10 days.  Right now if you’re doing some trimming you could give your plants a shot of Grow instead of Bloom.  It will get them started again.

While you’re trimming if you have some things that will root easily you can start to take cuttings and get them started.

If you’d like, take out your houseplants and give them some fresh air.  Put them in a shady spot so they don’t get burned and dry up.  They will like it and shake themselves off and perk up and will get ready for the long winter indoors.  It wouldn’t hurt to give them some nice grow fertilizer either.

To see what’s up in Rob’s garden right now (it was time for the Cow Parsnips to go) take a look at this week’s segment:


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